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 Legislative Update

Assembly Bill A1325 has been reintroduced by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald (District 6), who is the new Majority Leader of the Assembly. This legislation, which replaces A2591 from the last session, is basically the exact same bill that seeks to expand the two license limit to ten (10) licenses over a period of ten years. 

The Majority Leader has publicly stated that a liquor license is the only bait that will lure a grocery chain into the food desert that he says is the City of Camden.    The harsh reality is that the City of Camden has the second highest serious crime rate in our Country and that’s what needs to be fixed.   The last thing a City like Camden needs is a liquor store inside a grocery store!

Our position is that there is no reason to change anything, because nothing is wrong with the current law, which serves the best interest our State.  Clearly, any change in our current law would only serve the “out of state” interests that have attempted to create a false perception that they are representing in state interests with their propaganda and unbalance use of public relations media.  

The NJLSA will fight any attempt to change the two-license limit in order to protect and defend our livelihoods, as well as what we strongly feels serves the best interest of the general welfare of our public.  This bill is an out-of-state Trojan horse not a gift horse!   We have a list as long as the Garden State Parkway that details the problems with this legislation.

The bottom line at this time is simple – No legislation that would potentially impact our industry should be given any future consideration until after the full impact from the Winery-to-Consumer Internet Direct Shipping legislation that was passed in January is thoroughly analyzed a year or more down the road!!!

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There have been several legislative bills introduced that would all have a severe impact on our industry and livelihoods. The bottom line is that key members of the leadership of our legislature have set their sights on our industry and it pretty much looks like they would like to hand our state based industry over to the out-of-state free trade crusaders whose extreme capitalistic ideology was directly responsible for the collapse of our nation’s economy just a few years ago. You would think we would have learned a lesson. If you care about the future of your business, it’s time to support your industry. HELP FIGHT THE TWO-LICENSE CHALLENGE. Join the NJLSA today!!!

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