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Legislative Update

On March 5th, 2012, the Primary Sponsors of Senate Bill S641, Senator Donald Norcross (D-5) and Senator Tom Kean, Jr. (D-21), proposed substantial amendments to their legislation in consideration of the outcry from every major alcohol industry association representing all three tiers of our industry.   On that same date the Substitute Bill (attached via the link below) was passed by the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee.

The compromises restricted the production cap to 300,000 barrels as opposed to the requested 500,000 barrels; restricted the quantity of alcoholic beverage that could be sold for off-premise consumption to 15.5 gallons (½ keg) as opposed to no limit; and restricted the limited brewery to only two (2) of the original ten (10) satellite sales rooms originally requested.   The holder of a limited brewery license was also prohibited from selling food or operating a restaurant on the licensed premises.

Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-19), the primary sponsor of the Assembly version of the same legislation A1277 also testified in support of the amended language contained in the Senate Committee Substitute for S641.  We are anticipating that the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee will approve this amended legislation as soon as the Legislature reconvenes following the budget recess.

The NJLSA greatly appreciated the efforts of everyone who contacted the bill sponsors and thank all of our industry counterparts who coordinated the industry response to the original bills, which would have cracked the foundation of our three tier system and unleashed a Tsunami of unintended consequences on our industry that would have included the advancing of other controversial pieces of proposed legislation.


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There have been several legislative bills introduced that would all have a severe impact on our industry and livelihoods. The bottom line is that key members of the leadership of our legislature have set their sights on our industry and it pretty much looks like they would like to hand our state based industry over to the out-of-state free trade crusaders whose extreme capitalistic ideology was directly responsible for the collapse of our nation’s economy just a few years ago. You would think we would have learned a lesson. If you care about the future of your business, it’s time to support your industry. HELP FIGHT THE TWO-LICENSE CHALLENGE. Join the NJLSA today!!!

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