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  Full time Executive Director and Lobbyist dedicated to promoting and protecting the livelihood of all retail package store owners in New Jersey.

  Member of the NJ Alcohol Beverage Control Advisory Board which meets monthly with the ABC Director on key issues affecting the alcohol industry.

  Timely updates on legislative and regulatory issues affecting retail package stores in NJ.

  Free Admission to NJLSA’s Trade Show, attended by over 1500 package store owners/managers along with over 100 exhibitors.

Make the Effort to Get Connected
to Your Industry.

There have been several legislative bills introduced that would all have a severe impact on our industry and livelihoods. The bottom line is that key members of the leadership of our legislature have set their sights on our industry and it pretty much looks like they would like to hand our state based industry over to the out-of-state free trade crusaders whose extreme capitalistic ideology was directly responsible for the collapse of our nationís economy just a few years ago. You would think we would have learned a lesson. If you care about the future of your business, itís time to support your industry. HELP FIGHT THE TWO-LICENSE CHALLENGE. Join the NJLSA today!!!

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