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President's Message

As the newly elected President of the NJLSA it is an honor and a pleasure to write this letter to my fellow retailers and industry affiliates. For the last four years as the Vice President of the NJLSA I wrote the monthly MESSAGE FROM THE NJLSA in the Beverage Journal, which I will continue to write to keep all of you up to date on what is taking place in our industry on a month to month basis.  I am also committed to improving the communication lines between the NJLSA and all of our members, fellow retailers and industry affiliates.

   No one can question the fact that our industry is evolving and transitioning not only locally (in state), but globally, and that means that there is a greater need for “everyone” connected to our industry to be informed about everything that is affecting our industry.  We all need to be genuinely concerned about the agenda of out of state interests that have been challenging the way we do business in New Jersey.  New Jersey’s three tier model is an exemplary system that has historically served the best interest of our public welfare as well as the viability “all” of our industry members.

   The NJLSA has been working tirelessly in recent years to build an in state industry coalition.  This coalition consists of members and associations from all three tiers that have recognized the need for forming and supporting a coalition alliance. In addition to our national affiliation with the American Beverage Licenses (ABL), the NJLSA also works closely with the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association (NJLBA), the Asian American Retailers Association (AARA), and the New Jersey Restaurant Association (NJRA) at the retail level.  We also work closely with the New Jersey Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Association and the New Jersey Beer Wholesalers Association as well as with our State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) through our participation with the ABC Advisory Committee.

   At this time, I would like invite every retail “off-premise” licensee to join the NJLSA.   We offer a free trial 6-month membership to “new members”. Click Here for Membership Application

   As always, Best wishes!

   Juan Negrin – President New Jersey Liquor Store Alliance

Make the Effort to Get Connected
to Your Industry.

There have been several legislative bills introduced that would all have a severe impact on our industry and livelihoods. The bottom line is that key members of the leadership of our legislature have set their sights on our industry and it pretty much looks like they would like to hand our state based industry over to the out-of-state free trade crusaders whose extreme capitalistic ideology was directly responsible for the collapse of our nationís economy just a few years ago. You would think we would have learned a lesson. If you care about the future of your business, itís time to support your industry. HELP FIGHT THE TWO-LICENSE CHALLENGE. Join the NJLSA today!!!

NJLSA Alcohol Industry Friends & Affiliates