New Jersey ABC Permit Information and Requirements

Exhibitors are responsible to obtain an ABC Merchandising Show Permit and provide proof of proper documentation to NJLSA by September 30, 2019.

The booth rate/fee does not include the ABC Merchandising Permit fees (which is mandatory for all exhibitors) and must be paid by the vendor direct to ABC (NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control).

PLEASE NOTE THE NEW PROCEDURE: You must apply online to the NJ Division of ABC for the Merchandising Show Permit. The online permit can be accessed at

If you already have a POSSE ABC username and password, follow the prompts to the merchandising show permit. If you are an out of state supplier and not a registered user you will need to register first – using the Licensee/ Public User portal which also can be found under the POSSE Login.

After you receive your username and password follow the prompts to the merchandising show permit. If you need assistance you can contact the NJ Division of ABC at 609-984-2830.

New Jersey Convention and Expo Center at Raritan Center, Edison
Rules and Regulations

1. A schedule containing the details, staging and timing of the move-in and move-out and also containing the person or persons who will supervise same and the vehicles and/or material handling equipment which will be utilized in connection therewith shall be coordinated and agreed to in advance by Licensor and Licensee and said schedule shall be strictly adhered to.

2. The Space shall not be used for sleeping or lodging purposes nor, except for authorized concessions, be used for cooking without Licensor’s prior, express, written consent.

3. All vehicles and/or material handling equipment supplied by or for Licensee for use in the Building shall be equipped with wheels which do not mark or mar the floor surface.

4. No vehicles or other equipment or displays which exceed the Hall floor load shall be brought or placed in the Building.

5. Licensee and its exhibitors and the public shall promptly and courteously comply with the directions of any security personnel employed or used by Licensor or local authorities.

6. No advertisements, signs, handbills, or other visual media devices shall be placed outside of or attached to the exterior of the Building without Licensor’s prior, express, written consent. In particular, no handbill or the like shall be placed on the windshields of any cars, wherever located within Raritan Center, before, during or after any Event. In addition to flyers, charitable solicitation is prohibited.

7. Adhesive badges are prohibited. All identification badges shall be of a nature that they do not adhere to floor, wall or other surfaces of the Hall and surrounding areas.

8. Licensee shall arrange and pay for any emergency and/or medical services and attendants necessary or desirable for the Event.

9. Admission of the public to the Event shall only be allowed through designated entrance and corridors.

10. Vehicles not otherwise permitted in the Hall as part of the Event or the Move-In and/or Move-Out and animals shall not be allowed in the Hall except with Licensor’s prior, express, written consent.

11. Licensee shall not obstruct or interfere with other tenants, occupants and users of and/or visitors to the building wherein the Hall is located.

12. Floor, wall and roof load limits shall not be exceeded.

13. In the interest of public safety, Licensor may modify any terms or conditions of the License Agreement or these Rules and Regulations and Licensee and all exhibitors shall comply with such modification.

14. Gambling is prohibited.

15. Exhibitors must remove their display items, promotional material and all debris at the conclusion of the trade show.