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Notice to Licensees Regarding Home Deliveries and Transit Insignias

The NJLSA has received a high volume of inquiries from retail licenses considering
the option of offering home delivery service to high risk consumers not wanting to
venture out to retail stores due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

As you may already know if you make home deliveries of alcoholic beverages or
pick up product from your Co-Op drop site you need a Transit Insignia for your
vehicle issued from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).
If you do not already have an ABC TRANSIT INSIGNIA, we suggest that you log
onto the ABC POSSE System and apply for one now. The fee for the insignia is
$50. A transit insignia will be mailed to you by the ABC, which upon receipt
should be affixed to the driver’s side front bumper of vehicle that is making the
deliveries. Maintain your receipt.

Below is the link to the ABC POSSE portal as
well as the instructional page for obtaining an ABC TRANSIT INSIGNIA:

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